Ways To Resolve Conflicts

600.02Question: There are various ways to resolve conflicts. The first is confrontation when participants try to force each other to accept their point of view. The second is an attempt to avoid conflict. The third is  adaptation, i.e., giving up one’s own interests for the sake of the interests of others.

The fourth is compromise when both sides yield to each other, accepting the point of view of the opposite side, but to a certain extent. The last one is cooperation. This is the most acceptable form, which takes into account the interests of both parties.

Which of these strategies is the most effective? How should we deal with conflicts?

Answer: The correct approach to conflict is possible only after we begin to understand the nature of conflict, their necessity, and the possibility of their resolution. We must realize that we cannot exist without conflicts, that our entire nature develops only through them.

It is said that a wise person sees in advance what he must come to and therefore welcomes any state and knows how to move further from it to the goal, to rise in attainment of nature in connection with it.

Question: So, if we do not have preliminary knowledge of the essence of conflicts and their nature, then is there no chance that we will come to a solution at all?

Answer: Yes. We will behave like kids in kindergarten.

Question: Do you think compromise and concessions could be a solution to conflict?

Answer: No. Let us say we postpone the decision for an unknown period of time, what is going to come of it? As a rule, a re-emerging conflict that has not been resolved in the past becomes even more serious.

Question: What can you say about cooperation?

Answer: If it assumes that the parties fully unite in their new cooperation built on the previous differences, then this is indeed the correct solution to the conflict. This is a success.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills”

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