Conflicts Within A Person

628.2Question: Is there a difference between the methods of solving external interpersonal conflicts and internal conflicts in a person? Or are they suitable for both cases?

Answer: In principle, yes. But inside a person, conflicts are resolved a little differently because one must see both sides of the argument.

Comment: Let’s say, I want to go outside and consider whether to wear a mask or not. There is an internal conflict. On one hand, I am a bit cautious about infecting others. On the other hand, it is uncomfortable to breathe and there seems to be no one around. So, a person constantly makes some calculations, conflicts arise in one every second.

Answer: With a mask, it is quite simple. The fact is that there are specialists who understand how the virus spreads. And if they say that you should wear a mask, then you accept it and put one on even if no one is around.

This gives me the opportunity to be honest with myself and with nature.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 7/16/20

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