Compass For Making Decisions

571.04Question: In order to make a correct decision, do you need to detach yourself from feelings and emotions? Is it better to try to find a logical solution to the problem?

Answer: You need both. Man is a complex system that includes the heart and the mind. We cannot be guided only by the mind neglecting the heart, and vice versa. We simply need to balance these two systems in the middle line, and then we will make the right decisions.

Question: A person should try to connect all decisions with the laws of nature. Can you give an example of how to make such a decision?

Answer: There are only two laws in nature, either reception or bestowal.

The law of bestowal is faith above reason, the quality of universal connection and love. Come to this level, connect yourself to this law, and then you can correctly solve the problem.

In other words, before making a decision, you must understand how the law of reception and how the law of bestowal works. And the harmony between them should become your compass when making a decision.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/11/20

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