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527.01The next stage of the pandemic is the revelation of evil that the coronavirus is leading us toward. We will understand that we must keep our distance from each other in accordance with our internal separation. Gradually, the connection between the material and spiritual world will begin to manifest.

Therefore, I don’t think the pandemic will end. Medicines will appear, but they will not help, and if they help for one virus, it will only be to reveal another, even more dangerous one.

The coronavirus shows us our internal relationship to each other in external parameters: I hate someone “by two meters,” and someone “by twenty.” The quarantine distance reflects the hatred that exists between us. I’m forbidden to approach someone if I don’t treat them well. Maybe they’ll even invent a detector that starts buzzing if you get too close to someone.

This is called the revelation of evil because I see how badly I treat people and that I must correct my attitude. This will be the cure for the coronavirus.

In spiritual space, our closeness is determined by the law of similarity of qualities. And that is why such events happen to us in this world. We gain a new perception of reality because I can get closer to you or further away depending on how I think about you: good or bad. If I really want what’s best for you, I can get closer and closer. But only up to a certain limit, no more than that! I feel the border between us.

We are like charged particles in a spiritual field that cannot arbitrarily approach or move away, but always maintain a balance between them. So we begin to feel ourselves floating relative to each other to the extent of equality of our qualities or their difference. The distance will change as the attitude changes, and everything will become so obvious that it will allow us to quickly correct ourselves and become like one man with one heart.

There will be no difference between us—only one common desire. There will be no diseases and viruses. The virus will turn out to be useful since it has brought us to this state, to a common embrace.

The main thing is to find out that we need the help of the upper force hidden in nature. This force is the source of life, and therefore, it created all the particles of creation and develops them until they reach the sense of life. Therefore, we need this force that can connect plus with minus at all levels, so that it can help us at our human level.

On the human level, this power will not come by itself without our call; it leaves us free choice. It only awakens us by appearing to us as a negative force so that we ask it to act positively between us, as it is said: “Husband and wife—Shechina between them.” This is what we must ask, demand, and pray for together.

We have only one way out: to correct ourselves, and then the good connection between us will not allow the virus to manifest itself. Until we understand this, the coronavirus will not disappear. It will be reborn in various modifications and poison our lives until we realize that only by improving our relations with each other will we neutralize the virus.

Otherwise, the virus will pass from humans to animals, and from animals to insects, to such tiny ones that it is impossible to fight at all. The virus will be everywhere! It will be carried by beetles, flies, and birds and force us to be afraid of every mosquito. And most importantly, products will be infected with it.

I can lock myself in a house and turn it into a fortress, but I need supplies inside this fortress. And all the products will be contagious, in any tomato, cucumber, or water bottle there may be viruses, everywhere. After all, everyone has egoism, which means we will all suffer. I may not leave the house, but I need to breathe, and I will inhale viruses along with the air.

How else can we be pushed to say: “Enough! We are ready to do anything for the sake of correction.”
From KabTV’s “Writer’s Meetings” 10/22/20

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