And There Was Evening And There Was Morning

207It is written, “And there was evening and there was morning, one day.” This means that we will always first have to go through the evening, the darkness, the night, the lack of understanding and feeling, the confusion. Yet, that does not mean that we do not feel anything.

We feel that we have no feeling or understanding, that is, that we are in the dark of night. The feeling of the night is still a definite feeling, and not a senseless, unconscious state.

Thus, a person must always begin with the fact what he does not understand and does not feel, with bitterness and confusion in the heart and in the mind. Then he wakes up and begins to discover what is called the day. Therefore, we need to get used to enjoying the feeling of night, confusion, misunderstanding, loss of sensitivity. We usually do not like such states because they do not provide fulfillment for our egoism.

We must understand, however, that exactly when we are experiencing darkness we feel how empty desires are revealed, ready for new knowledge and sensation of the day, bestowal, connection, the sensation of the Creator. Therefore, we should value the states of darkness and night no less than the revelation of knowledge, understanding, and bestowal, which are called “day.”

Darkness leads us to light because light can only be felt when there is darkness inside it. The deeper the darkness, the greater the light because the darkness is a lack, a desire to attain it. Then the light is revealed according to the force of the desire, the yearning for it.

It turns out that darkness and light are equally important. The further we advance in corrections, the greater the darkness becomes and the greater the light is. However, we value darkness as much as light because they both are connected to each other and are evaluated relative to each other.

We need to always stay in the middle, between the darkness and the light, and when we reveal the light, we must understand that it comes from darkness. We need to appreciate the revelation of  new darkness and understand that it is the correct, true form for the subsequent revelation of light.

Today’s darkness is always darker than yesterday’s because we are constantly climbing the degrees: darkness, the overcoming of darkness, day, the revelation of light, and again darkness, overcoming it, and day, as it is written, “And there was evening and there was morning, one day.” And so, day after day, we ascend higher and higher on the degrees of the ladder.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/14/20, “Bereshit

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