The Right To Respect

284.02Question: “Respect,” (from the Latin “respectus”), means attention, respect, protection (avoid harming). Respect is defined as a respectful attitude, a special assessment of someone based on recognition of their merits, achievements, or high qualities. What do you mean by this word?

Answer: Respect is an assessment of a person according to his qualities, merits, and admiration for his achievements.

Question: In your books you write that respect of others is even more important in a person’s life than money. But according to Maslow’s pyramid, the highest is self-development, self-realization, knowledge. Why are you talking about respect anyway?

Answer: It depends on how you treat it. Respect for another, for the Creator, for something outside of ourselves, is the property that pushes us toward realization.

Question: Do you think everyone has the right to be respected?

Answer: Any person who tries to fulfill his function given to him by nature is worthy of respect in his aspiration.

Question: What human quality is worthy of respect?

Answer: Desire for constant growth, self-realization. A person must constantly check himself how worthy of self-respect he is, for what and how he can respect himself. This is due to the awareness of your personality, with self-control.

He must respect himself for fulfilling his destiny.
From the KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/7/20

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