The Goal of Nature And How To Achieve It

292Question: Does nature have a goal and what is it?

Answer: The goal of nature is to bring man and all of mankind to perfection.

Question: What are nature’s plans for the near future?

Answer: This is exactly what they are. We have already reached such a level of development that only the last stage remains ahead of us.

Question: Should we just believe this or is it possible to check it out?

Answer: No, there is no way to check this out. We need to implement this.

Question: What are the risks of deviating from the goal? If we deviate a little, will we not be able to achieve it? What should we be afraid of?

Answer: In any case, we will reach the final goal. There is no doubt about it. Nature makes no mistakes; it still leads us forward. However, it wants us to understand, recognize, accept, and implement this goal with its help, but as independently as possible.

Question: What should we be afraid of?

Answer: There is nothing to be afraid of. Only of ourselves.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 7/2/20

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