The Purpose Of Our Life

565.01Question: Does nature have any purpose?

Answer: Of course. Its purpose is to develop a person to reach its highest level when one begins to attain the meaning of the existence of nature itself. That is, one will rise above oneself and reach an understanding of what everything exists for.

Question: How can we show this to people?

Answer: There is no way. Everyone should discover this for themselves. You cannot reveal this to someone. It is not possible to prove anything to anyone. After all, if my cat is on the animalistic level, I cannot prove anything to it from the human level. This is always the case.

Only when an individual grows up and becomes a human being will they be able to understand me and what I wanted to say to them.

Question: You are saying that the purpose of life is to reach the level of nature, to become like it.

In principle, there are two forces in nature: reception and bestowal. In people, however, there is only one negative force. Therefore, we must attract the positive altruistic force of development upon ourselves and thus balance our egoism. Is this what you call “becoming like nature”?

Answer: Yes, because both forces come from nature. We must adapt them within ourselves and exist between them in the middle line, simultaneously managing the right and the left lines. This is the purpose of human life.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 7/2/20

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