Verbal Transmission Of Information

552.02Question: Any relationship implies the transfer of some information. It can be verbal. In inanimate nature, these are vibration processes, in vegetative nature—smells, in animate nature—sounds, some kind of language.

And a human, in addition to speech, has the ability to think abstractly. Scientists say this is what makes him human. Why are we given this opportunity?

Answer: We have such an opportunity so that we can transmit a special type of information, which in our world is not transmitted by conventional methods.

A person rises above the animate world and is considered a person because he must make contact with others in a space where there are no earthly opportunities for communication.

Question: Suppose animals and plants can emit some smells, sounds, and communicate to each other about danger or some other information. And a person can sit down and for several hours in a row tell things that he has never seen or invented himself. For example, some myths, abstract things. What is it all about? What does it give people?

Answer: Man differs from the animal world in that he needs to receive, absorb, process, and transmit a huge amount of information that cannot be conveyed by any terrestrial carriers: not smells, light vibrations, not even sounds.

He must convey this in speech, a certain set of sounds, and there are not so many of them. The combination of these sounds can convey an infinite amount of information. These combinations, which can be not only sound, but also visual, any kind and generate codes, words, and sentences. This raises a human above the previous earthly levels: inanimate, vegetative, and animate.

Question: So, according to the design of nature, one must develop to a certain state in order to be able to convey something by speech to other people who are not yet in this state?

Answer: Of course. It is most important.

Question: Suppose I can tell you about some worlds, about a future that does not yet exist. But if you’ve never felt it, can you believe it?

Answer: It is not that I can believe it; I perceive your story and with the help of this move on. This opportunity allows people to develop. This is how we are different from animals.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 7/30/20

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