Envy Is A Means Of Advancement

600.04Question: Envy is the desire to have what another has. The famous philosopher Spinoza defined envy as displeasure at the sight of someone else’s happiness.

What is the reason for envy in a person? Where does this feeling come from?

Answer: Envy is born in each individual from his developed egoism. The achievements of another person, which he himself has not yet reached, awaken a feeling of envy in him.

Question: Envy is usually based on comparison. Why do we compare ourselves to others?

Answer: Because we are governed by the ego, which shows that there is still egoism nearby that is in a better state than ours. The comparison between these two states gives rise to the feeling of envy.

At the same time, envy is an element of development. If, looking at another, it seems to me that everything is better with him, then I also strive for this and thus, develop.

Question: Should we cultivate a feeling of envy?

Answer: Absolutely! Without this, we will not move forward! Even for a child, we instinctively set another as an example: “Look how he does this!” After all, we want his development.

Question: Envy can be both negative and positive. Which one propels a person forward?

Answer: Both must develop in a person, and as much as possible. But, at the same time, he must understand when it is positive and useful, and when it’s not.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/7/20

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