Envy Is A Tremendous Force

laitman_282.01I need a society that I will envy because thanks to this envy I can rise to its level. If I know how to use envy correctly, then I will attract the upper light with its help and it will raise me to the stage of the friends. This is a real miracle!

Otherwise how could our children, who were born helpless babies, grow up and master all our knowledge and still surpass us, become smarter than us and better understand the affairs of this world. It is due to the fact that they envied us, looked at us and tried to imitate everything we do, and therefore, they became smart and understand even more than we do.

Therefore, if we look at our friends and see that they are greater than us, then we will certainly grow up. So, I need a society as large as possible that consists of people that are great in my eyes so I consider myself the smallest of all. Then I’m guaranteed advancement. And I will advance not only in terms of the mind, but will also develop sensations that I do not have yet. And all due to envy.

If I see the greatness of a friend and in my egoism I want him to fall, this envy is destructive. But if I want to become like him and even bigger, then because of such envy I want to grow toward the Creator.

I must develop jealousy of every friend, and I can do it even with a complete beginner. After all, everyone has their own root of their soul; I look at him and see that he is special, that he is closer to the Creator.

I do not compare our personal distances with the Creator. But from his point, he will certainly be closer to the Creator than I am because I don’t have his point at all. Therefore, I have reason to envy absolutely everyone.

There is a light in the friend that can never be in me and this is the basis for envy. When can I turn this envy into unity and love?

Only at the end of correction where all will unite into one soul. But until then, I will look at a friend and see what is in him that is not in me and cannot be. Only at the end of correction when we connect will I receive this from merging with him.

There is always the opportunity to envy; I just need to take a closer look and I will see that others are closer to the Creator than I am. They are more connected with each other, but I seem to fall out of their circle, and this torments me. It seems to me that they want to get rid of a loser like me who cannot connect with anyone. They reveal to me how much my heart does not want unity.

Envy is a tremendous force, even stronger than love. Envy is a means of rising from step to step every time. Therefore, it is said that “the envy of those counting multiplies wisdom,” that is, those who calculate at what level they are, moving up the steps of wisdom (Hochma). The upper light is the light of Hochma (wisdom), and overcoming envy, they develop the light of Hassadim in themselves.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/20/20, Writings of Rabash, “Concerning Above Reason”

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