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557Remark: All training systems and practices, in principle, are designed to enhance the perception of information. A person who can remember more information and then use it is considered smart. Such people are very advanced and make a lot of money.

My Comment: Earning money, getting ahead in our world, doesn’t mean anything. A person who has absorbed everything that was given to him and forgotten it is considered to be smart.

What does forget it mean? Ask me something. I don’t seem to know anything, I don’t remember anything. But as soon as we start to solve some problem, you will see that I really knew something, learned something. I’ve been studying all my life.

Remark: In order not to forget the information, it is useful to repeat the material from the previous day. You, too, always advise us to re-read the article covered in the lesson during the day.

My Comment: Yes. But this is short-term memorization.

Question: You also advise to study a little, but every day. Why?

Answer: Because the brain constantly absorbs a small amount of information. We must change the person. And if you don’t feed him like a small child every day, then he does not change.

If he comes to the courses every few days, then between visits you do not influence him, and he gets completely different impressions of our world. Therefore, daily activities are simply a must! It is said about this: “If you miss one day, you lose two days on it.”

Our job is to change the inner person.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/24/20

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