Humor—An Emotion Of A Developed Person

280.02Question: Emotions are a subconscious reaction to a situation such as fear, irritation, anger, or laughter. They appear quickly and can disappear just as quickly.  Feelings can also arise slowly, live for a long time, and give completely different sensations. Feelings can be developed. For example: feelings of love, friendship, gratitude, and loyalty.

It is interesting that a quality such as humor is characteristic only for people; animals do not have it. Where does it come from and how can it be used for advancement and self-identification?

Answer: In each of us there are two completely opposite entities: me and something opposite to me. This makes it possible to feel, understand, and even enjoy things that are in conflict with each other. Thus, a sense of humor appears in a person from his reverse side.

Internal contradiction expands the understanding of the world and that is why it is inherent in developed people.

Question: Do you think that one can develop a sense of humor?

Answer: Maybe it can be developed a little, but people with some mental disorders do not have it.

Question: So humor is given to people as a gift and it is almost impossible to develop it?

Answer: Yes. This is based on the fact that man was created to perceive his own kind in the opposite way and put up with it.
From KabTv’s” Communication Skills” 8/7/20

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