The End Of The Office Era

961.1Comment: Some journalists have noted that because of the coronavirus, the office culture that obliged us to look good, to drive certain cars to work to be liked, is not operating now. Instead there is a shift in focus from verbal to written communication. Some conclude these shifts pressure us to see who we really are.

My Response: Of course. There will be one simple communication: yes, no, and so on. Moreover, this will be very clearly accepted by everyone. And in no case will it hurt anyone.

There should be a definite clear greeting, but nothing more. Bows, praises, and so on—it will not work.

Question: And what do think about this will pressure people to see who they really are?

Answer: A clearer truth about a person is revealed.

Remark: Can you imagine how much a person thought about what kind of gift to bring to their boss?

My Comment: Yes, now it is over. The era has passed! Even if it partially returns, it will not be like that, of course.

Question: What does a person see when he begins to look at himself from the inside?

Answer: He begins to see who he is. And of course, he sees something terrible.

Question: Should he see this terrible thing?

Answer: Gradually, not immediately. From zero to 100% until he sees the realization of evil up to complete correction.

Question: Man cannot skip this stage?

Answer: No. What will he base his correction, his spiritual elevation, on?

Question: Is the realization of evil joyful or scary for a person?

Answer: I think it is joyful. One can gloat: “How much dirt, rubbish I have dug up in myself today!” As if you dig the earth with a shovel like this: dig, dig, turn yourself over, break into lumps in order to plant new young shoots.

This is not the self-scrutiny accepted by us previously: “How bad I am.” This is a kind of introspection where you change the principle of receiving to the principle of bestowal and want everyone to benefit from it. You turn the layers of dirt inside yourself from those below to those above. And then you can plant new life.

The fact that we have left offices, of course, will bring huge changes in everything.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/27/20

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