Will Online Communication Lead To The Severing Of Social Ties?

laitman_962.8Question: Now everyone is talking about the emergence of online professions, in particular, a digital transformation. Everyone learned how to use Zoom. In general, a large-scale digitization took place in two months.

How can one remain a full-fledged member of society if, in online professions, you will constantly interact with a computer, with numbers?

Answer: I do not see any problems here. Many of my friends, despite the coronavirus, continue to work from home. Most of them love it. And the enterprises themselves like it too because this is a big budget saver.

I think that the majority of enterprises will develop in this direction. A person will work from home.

I also switched to such a job. Previously, up to 500 or 600 people gathered in our center every morning, not counting those in different parts of the world who connected to our broadcasts. And for the last few months I have only been teaching online, and I must say that the number of people is only constantly increasing, and everyone is happy with it.

Question: Do you think that the severing of social ties due to online communication will not happen?

Answer: I think, on the contrary, new, correct, good social connections will appear. And breaking past ties is only for our benefit.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 5/24/20

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