Pay Attention To Nature’s Actions

laitman_531.02Question: We talk about many problems and catastrophes and the possibility of even greater misfortunes that may befall the world. What can you say that is kind and optimistic to people who follow what you do, listen to what you say, and read what you write?

Answer: I would advise all people to pay attention to what nature is doing to us.

Nature is a living entity that generates and incorporates all of us. It is higher than us in degree, so there is nothing in us that does not happen from nature. So we need to pay attention to what exactly it requires of us.

Do not treat it with contempt, as something inanimate or at most vegetative and animate, but as a higher being, understanding that it acts reasonably, selectively, consciously, in order to bring us to the next level.

Nature has developed us from nothing, from zero, brought us to our present state, and leads us further. Let’s not assume that we have already completed our evolution. We must come to its very last state, to complete interaction with each other and with nature itself. This is a step we must take now.

This step we can take either under the influence of brute force of nature, or intelligently, consciously. I think we’ve come to that. Now everything depends on how we explain this possibility to all people and lead them after us.

Question: It means, not only does humanity have a chance, but you believe that it will take advantage of this chance and be able to find the right decisions and right actions?

Answer: Of course.
From KabTV’s “Today’s International Situation” 6/18/20

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