If We Change, Nature Will Change

720Question: The need for social connections is given to us from birth. Anyone’s brain will react to social isolation as to physical pain. People who are isolated are more likely to die from various diseases.

Good social connections bring more satisfaction than money. Experiments have shown that trust at work between employees is equal to the enjoyment of a 30% pay rise. In other words, cooperation produces more results than competition.

There is a paradox: We understand the importance of social connections, but we do not care about its development at the level of the individual or a country. In no country is there a national program about rapprochement between people, about the establishment of sensory social connections, there is no explanation of how much they affect our physiology. What is that?

Answer: It is the same egoism. Perhaps we would like to, but at the same time there is a so-called “evil nature” in us, meaning egoism, that does not let us treat each other positively. On the contrary, it puts us in opposition to each other and forces us to be in a constant fight.

In our nature, there is initial data that we cannot just bypass despite the fact that good relations in society could bring it huge profits, dividends, and give an incomparably greater level of development and security. Imagine if we treated each other as one family and freed our resources and forces from the arms race, we would live in a paradise!

Question: And maybe none of this is necessary because it is against nature? We should live by egoistic laws, the laws of the jungle?

Answer: We are now living by egoistic laws. But we can’t live by the laws of the jungle, or we will kill each other. Therefore, there are certain regulations on where and how we can allow the use of strength. These are criminal codes and all sorts of other frameworks in which we try to co-exist.

But in general, humanity is unhappy. Today we are reaching the conclusion that we cannot escape from our connection. It is necessary, important, and increasingly demanded by nature to be global, integral, and mutual. On the other hand, egoism does not let us do it.

Question: But you always say, we must live according to the laws of nature. And in nature everything is based on natural egoism, and each devours the other. Is this how we should be? We are an extension of nature.

Answer: No. What happens in nature is a reflection of human society where everyone devours each other.

The fact is that the higher level of nature affects its lower levels. Therefore, a human society built on egoism has the same effect on lower levels. Because of this, the wolf cannot live next to the sheep, and the little boy cannot walk with them.

Everything depends only on the relationship in human society. If we change, all of nature will change.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 4/30/20

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