Society Still Lives By Past Values

laitman_294.2Question: A month ago, in our conversation about the pandemic, we hoped that everything wouldn’t be so scary. You said that the coronavirus is like a sign to humanity to come to the right interactions.

And now the result for today: If a month ago there were 2 million cases in the world, today—8.3 million. [14.7 million] If the dead were 135,000 , today it is 450,000 [610,000].

In America, the number of deaths exceeded the number of deaths from the 1957 pandemic. Then it lasted two years and 116,000 people died, and today in America over the past two months, 120,000 people have died. This is more than the number of Americans that perished in the First World War, and more than perished in all US wars since 1950: Korean, Vietnamese, Afghan, and all other conflicts combined.

However, no unity is visible. Of course, there are some cases of generosity. America suddenly began to give other countries mechanical ventilators. China claims that once it makes the vaccine, it will provide the whole world with it. But it all smells slightly of egoism, an attempt to prove who is better.

What do you think about this?

Answer: So far, the suffering that humanity is experiencing has led to nothing. People are just waiting for it to end in order to return to their businesses, to lose as little as possible, and maybe even make money on it.

Such an attitude automatically continues to work in us, so I believe that the virus should continue to work on humanity, and very seriously.

Humanity is thinking about how to save old businesses by giving out money for occupations that in the future will be completely inoperative.

Governments do not understand that the time has come to think only about the essentials and to leave everything else to self-education, self-discipline, the restructuring of society. They hope to revive boutiques, jewelry stores, and expensive cars, etc. In short, society is still living by its past values.

Therefore, I do not even see the beginning of this pandemic. Several hundred thousand people have died. For the world, this is not a loss at all. A certain number of people suffer, and the rich profit and are happy with it. So, everything is relative.
From KabTV’s “Today’s International Situation” 6/18/20

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