Shaking Off The Old World

laitman_547.05Question: What values does nature want to instill in man by sending a global crisis?

Answer: First of all, to get out of the swamp we were in, to brush ourselves off from the old world; this is already of great value.

Secondly, to shake off the old habits, re-evaluate previous values and occupations, even if it we do so reluctantly, if we don’t want to. Then we will see that nature shakes off all garbage from us, that in the end we will not be able to restore our small businesses built only on serving each other because there will be no one to serve.

The world that recovers from the coronavirus will be different. Most small businesses will stop operating. Many people will be out of work. Therefore, governments will need to create a completely new system of work, pay, and of keeping people occupied.

Payments, according to Kabbalah, should be made in the form of scholarships because through the Internet and TV people will be engaged in an integral understanding of the world, and the correct relationships between themselves, which the science of Kabbalah teaches them. In this way, they will begin to build the right society.

Seventy to eighty percent of the population will be engaged in this, including schoolchildren and retirees. And only twenty percent or less will be employed in manufacturing so that we can maintain our level of existence in a normal way.

This may take more than one coronavirus, many more. But in the end, we will arrive at this.

Question: Why should small businesses that provide service to each other stop working? There is a law “go and earn from each other.” Or do you propose a model of totalitarian communism where the government pays according to the needs of each resident of its state?

Answer: I am not offering any model. All I am saying is that people will not be able to start millions of small businesses again. They will no longer have the desire to do so. They won’t! The desire to acquire gifts, costume jewelry, gemstones, fashionable clothes, or to fly around the world—that is all transitory. People will gradually stop craving this. You will see for yourself.

No one is going to put any pressure on anyone. Our development will result in the fact that we will stop wanting it. We will not need the tinsel that we play around with in life. We will face more interesting, serious, global issues that need to be addressed radically.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 5/17/20

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