How Not To Lose Our Way?

laitman_760.1Question: During this pandemic period, what do we need to concentrate on? What specific information is most important?

Answer: The common, integral, upper power wants to lead humanity to its similarity for it also to become integral, interconnected, and interdependent. This condition can be achieved in a good way or by force.

Let’s hope that we will go forward in a good way even though until now we have not been successful. Our egoism blocks us from uniting into a common integral dependence. This is why we suffer: various viruses and all kinds of problems appear. If we do not strive for integration, we will have a lot of different sequential problems.

Question: What can we do if we are managed, and how can we hear ourselves? How can we not lose our personal way?

Answer: For this, one must study both himself and the science of Kabbalah.

By studying yourself, you study the forces that affect you and you begin to understand how you need to be in the right combination between yourself and the external force.

There are two forces in the universe: yours, which is egoistic and the external, which is altruistic. And all of humanity is between you and the altruistic force. You are learning how to juxtapose yourself with humanity in order to be as close as possible to the upper power and become similar to it.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 5/24/20

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