Man Is A Social Animal

laitman_423.02Question: How do you understand the definition that man is an egoistic social animal?

Answer: Egoism is given to us by nature, and in order to realize the ego, a person needs society. Therefore, he is a social creature.

Question: There were cases when a child was raised by a pack of wolves or other animals and later could not return to life in society and become a full-fledged person. What is special about our environment that makes us human?

Answer: In the human environment, from generation to generation, we develop new laws of commutation and begin to transform ourselves so that we become a product of society.

Since this is an artificial product of our condition, animals cannot enter our community. They can live next to us and somehow understand their place, feeling by their small egoistic level what is beneficial for them and what is not.

However, a person who is accustomed to perceive the environment as an animal community because he was born or raised among animals loses the ability to adapt to human society. Therefore, he must be brought up by people.

Instincts derived from nature cannot make up for contact with the social environment into which he later falls. No matter who he may be by himself, if he did not develop social contacts literally from birth, feeling his mother, family, and so on, then he will not be able to compensate for them fully.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 4/30/20

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