Restriction Is A Condition For Attaining The Creator

226The feeling of the Creator regarding souls is perceived as infinity. This is a connection between worlds, souls. But infinity is the highest level and it remains so.

We try all the time to graduate our relationships so that we perceive them in certain doses, and in accordance with them we will call our states steps.

We will already be able to somehow communicate with the Creator, that is, give Him names along these degrees, along these boundaries, because we limit His image toward us.

If I say “father,” “mother,” “high,” “low,” “kind,” “evil,” and so on, I limit my perception, somehow define it, and thus I can talk about something. Otherwise, I have no other states, except for some unclear admiration, which also disappears. We cannot imagine the state of unlimited filling.

Although the Creator has a great desire to delight the created being, and we relate to Him as a source of infinite fulfillment, knowledge, and sensation, we must limit ourselves toward Him, make a restriction on ourselves and go further, putting forward certain conditions in order to define Him within some boundaries, limits.

We exist in the Creator even now. But where is He? We do not feel Him. We can begin to feel Him only if we limit our perception. We have a restriction, then a screen, then striking, a certain amount of light.

Only to the extent that we can give to the Creator can we receive from Him. This is the only way!

Otherwise, all sensations disappear. They can only be in a limited amount, which can increase more and more.

We can achieve an infinite sensation, but it will be in an infinite sensation.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 8/12/20

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