How Can We Attain Infinite Pleasure?

laitman_572_02Question: Can you explain what infinite pleasure means to a person, or must he feel it and attain it by himself?

Answer: You can explain it rationally, but a person can only feel infinite pleasure in a corrected desire. What does it mean to attain infinite pleasure? After all, the pleasure depends on the desire, and if I don’t have a desire for something, I cannot be filled by it and derive pleasure from it. Therefore, the more a desire for something develops in me, the more I will feel pleasure from it.

The main point is not receiving the pleasure, but being in contact with the source of the pleasure and then increasing your desire for it.

The Creator doesn’t prevent us from reaching His treasure, but we will lose our head if our desire is not corrected, we will not know what to take, what not to take, and why.

Therefore, we need to prepare our desire in order to discover the treasure and enjoy it. The desire for it must be real, eternal, and it must keep growing all the time. Everything depends only on that because the Light is in a state of absolute rest.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/28/16

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