“Is It Time For A New World War?”

Laitman_417In the News (Vesti Finance): “Calls for fiscal stimulus sound louder, but the state of the economies of developed countries in some respects is very similar to what the world has seen before the start of the Second World War. …

“Now the debt burden of developed countries, according to the IMF, has reached a peak since the Second World War.

“But investments have reached the lowest level since the same period. …

“So can artificially initiated global conflict be started to address these problems? In addition to the next round of growth of public debt, as the war requires money, which will have to spend, we’ll also see mass employment and investment to rebuild cities and economies after devastating conflict. Problem solved, right? …

“Economists and governments are trying to find ways to solve the problem, but are unable to do so. And we can only guess what their decision will be if, in their opinion, a new world war will be the only way to save the economy. ”

My Comment: And another solution will not be found. It is written in Kabbalastic sources that there will be third and fourth world wars if we do not start restructuring humanity, and this will come only through the re-education of people to form the “Last Generation.”

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