Where Should I Invest My Money?

629.4Question: Europeans save hundreds of billions of dollars in banks. According to statistics, France, Spain, Italy, and Germany have accumulated about 100 billion euros in savings in banks.

And besides that, even where people barely pull from paycheck to paycheck, where there are meager pensions, people still put money in savings. They don’t put it in a bank, but they put it in a cash box.

That is, people are beginning to save. They are either afraid of a second pandemic, or they don’t trust anyone, and they don’t know the future.

Here I am, a simple man—what can I save for a rainy day?

Answer: Keep saving money. You can’t take this away from a person. But that’s not all. You should understand that money will help you, and it’s good to have it. But in what circumstances will you live tomorrow for this money to help you? Let me draw you a little picture. I’ll clarify for you what you will face, and you can decide what to do. And then I tell the person what tomorrow will be like. Then let him decide what to do.

Tomorrow will be like this: Whether you want to or not, everything is built on a completely good connections between people. People become convinced that egoism is their enemy, and they can no longer exist in it. Otherwise, their oxygen is just blocked for them.

In other words, we do not experience any satisfaction or positive results in any of our activities. We have no choice but to be bound by good ties with one another.

This will gradually become clear from nature. We will suddenly see that nature is changing its laws. That is, there are negative forces and positive forces, and suddenly we see that it is with good forces that we can achieve something, and with evil forces, on the contrary, nothing. How will we proceed? I hope it will be that way.

Question: And then where will I invest the money that I put aside after listening to and following your words? In the education of my child or what?

Answer: Naturally, in upbringing, in education. And, of course, in coming closer to other people.

Question: Will this be the best investment?

Answer: Yes. With this money you will be able to purchase securities, and on each security it will be written that you are connected by good ties with ten, with a hundred, with a thousand people.

Question: And will this be my real money?

Answer: This is your contribution and the environment that you buy for yourself.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/22/20

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