Where Is It Profitable To Invest Money?

laitman_283_01Question: Currently where is it most profitable to invest money?

Answer: That would be in education and information. This has always been most correct and safest.

The one thing that we lack in this world is truly educated and intelligent people, not necessarily professionals, but educated people who understand what the purpose of life is, what the meaning of life is and how to live it; this is not in vain.

If a person has the opportunity to acquire education and information of this kind, and this can be acquired only through his own effort, then it is worthwhile for him to invest in it.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/27/16

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  1. i think i would first invest most in protection and risk reduction. what would you do with your education and information if you dont have protection and risk reduction. but if you cant have education and information you cant have risk reduction and protection as well. but still even for the first steps of educations to start you should have had some prorection and risk reduction before that or you wouldnt have someone to have education.

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