Who Believes In Freedom Of Choice?

laitman_546_03In the News (Society for Personality and Social Psychology): “Diminishing a person’s belief in free will leads to them feeling less like their true selves, according to recent research published in Social Psychological and Personality Science. In a pair of studies, researchers from Texas A&M University manipulated people’s beliefs in free will to see how this would affect the subjects’ sense of authenticity, their sense of self. …

“‘Whether you agree that we have free will or that we are overpowered by social influence or other forms of determinism, the belief in free will has truly important consequences,’ says lead author Elizabeth Seto, a Graduate Student at the Department of Psychology at Texas A&M University. …

“‘Our findings suggest that part of being who you are is experiencing a sense of agency and feeling like you are in control over the actions and outcomes in your life,’ says Seto. ‘If people are able to experience these feelings, they can become closer to their true or core self.’”

Answer: Psychology is not a science. It is based upon experiments in limited conditions.

First, there is no person who can accept and live with the knowledge that are managed. If we could reach a state like this, it would be good.

Question: Does this mean that psychologists cannot convince a person that they are controlled?

Answer: Certainly not. They can’t even start.

You can tell a person that all kinds of external and internal forces govern him and in fact not his. And he is not the one who chooses what to do because a few seconds before making an alleged decision, the information has already been formed and shaped in his brain and he only expresses the prepared result.

Science has already proven this is so. But a person cannot agree with the fact that he does not make decisions on his own because it is against his egoistic nature.This negates his identity, his “I,” his freedom of choice.

He can agree intellectually, but in another second he will forget it anyway. His nature erases this data from him automatically and he begins to live again as usual,  as if everything were up to him.

Comment: Psychologists say that attempts to reduce a person’s faith in freedom of choice increases aggression and gives rise to deception.

Response: Theoretically yes, but in fact, if speaking about a normal, sane, and balanced person, he cannot act according to this belief and respond negatively.

Question: Does this mean that a person always feels that he is free?

Answer: Yes. When teaching “The Freedom” (written by Baal HaSulam about freedom of will), we see that even when one hears that he is managed, he agrees, “Yes, yes, yes,” and continues on his way; he doesn’t even ask how to become free. It doesn’t concern him because he needs to feel confident in himself.

So I should feel within myself that there is a higher power that controls me through all kinds of systems, circumstances, and events, both external and internal, in everything that I do.

I have to feel it, not just hear it from someone. That is when I will feel I am bound hand and foot; no matter what I did, it all came from somewhere but not from me. I begin to strive to this “somewhere.” Where is the source of my behavior, the source of my future, my fate?—so at least I will know how this is works in nature.

No matter how much we talk about this, we cannot convince a person. It requires much work for him to discover his lack of freedom. But when he does discover this, simultaneously he will begin to feel who it is that manages and controls him. This is a revelation of the Creator.

Psychologists, as usual, are immersed in their speculations. And this, of course, will not lead to anything.

We need to show man that he is not free, but along with this he must be given the opportunity to find free will. When he sees the big picture and begins to realize it correctly within a particular small society, he will begin to understand where to move.

Therefore, the correct message is: freedom of choice exists, but only in choosing the appropriate society.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 6/26/16

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