Heart Or Money?

273.02If we treat each other well, and especially if we love each other, then there can be no needy, poor, or sick people among us.

This means that the problem is only in the fact that there is no love between us. We shift the care for people in need to the government. We are ready to donate some money, but we do not put our heart into this, we cannot worry about people who are strangers to us.

This is why we will never be able to get rid of poverty and diseases! Even if we spend billions of dollars all over the world and organize all kinds of organizations and ministries that will take care of the needy, provide them with money and everything they need, there will still be poor, sick, and unfortunate people.

It is because we want to be free from caring for them. We ask: how much do I have to pay to avoid being asked to love? I am willing to pay a hundred dollars a month to be left alone. However, this is not what the Torah requires of us, it requires a heartfelt attitude.

Therefore, even in the richest countries poverty, crime, and human suffering will remain. Look what is happening to our world with all its progress and abundance. If we treated each other with love, we would live in paradise. Yet, we are not ready to be integrated with the others with our feelings, but only to pay money in order to be left alone. This does not solve the problem because the Torah requires a human heart.

Nature requires us to love each other. This is not someone’s idea and invention, after all, we are inside nature and its laws. These laws act on us more and more harshly, are driving us into a corner and demanding more and more stringently that this condition be fulfilled: complete connection between us, all the way up to love.

We will have to fulfill this condition anyway, if not now, then later. We will die and be born again until we fulfill the requirements of nature while living here in this world.

In fact, the goal is to achieve adhesion with the Creator and become like Him. Yet, it can only be realized through practical actions that are available to us, which are expressed in love for one’s neighbor as for oneself.

To the extent we hate each other, we are distancing from the Creator and do not feel Him. As soon as we begin to come closer and connect with each other, we will feel each other and feel the Creator between us. After all, this is all one single nature and everything depends only on our distancing or rapprochement.

The Creator wants us to know Him, and therefore we must go through all the states from complete separation to connection, in all possible forms. This is how we learn our own entire nature. Our egoism is so multifaceted that it generates an infinite number of different types of hatred. Yet, as we begin to get closer to the Creator, we begin to feel and understand Him and connect with Him.

Attainment always consists of two parts: mutual hatred and mutual love. According to the difference between love and hate, we begin to feel the Creator. One cannot be attained without the other because we are created beings and we attain everything only in the contrast of opposites.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/12/20

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