My Thoughts On Twitter 10/28/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Nature is leading us to a new state. We are obligated to realize what is happening and bring ourselves into alignment with it. Until we do this, nothing will change. We cannot return children to schools and adults to work—we will sit at home until we understand that we have to behave in a new way.

Mutual closeness is able to disinfect the place where the virus lives, inside our hatred of each other. We’re separated by a mandatory distance beyond which we can’t come close to each other; this space is full of complaints and strife. This is a favorable environment for the virus

The coronavirus is a spiritual virus. It reacts to the spirit that dwells between people. It is nourished by hatred that exists between us. It develops and lives inside of it. The more animosity, conflict, and rejection there is between us, the more comfortable the virus feels multiplying in this nutritious environment.
From Twitter, 10/28/20

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