It All Starts With A Drop Of Semen

232.07The human body begins with a drop of semen: a single cell that multiplies and forms new cells. But all of them implement the very program that was laid in the first cell that started it all.

The drop of semen already has all the information. One day scientists will learn to decode this information so that one cell will show the entire person that will develop from it, his entire fate and abilities, whether he will be a great scientist or a musician.

It is all there, in a drop of semen, but only in potential. If these potential forces get the material to work with, they will begin to build the human body according to the program placed in the first cell where every organ and every cell of a large healthy organism is described. We only need to provide food, the material, for its construction.

It is the same with our desire. In each of us there is a point, the first drop obtained as a result of shattering. Our common body was shattered into many parts, and if we join into ten, we will restore the drop of semen, the desire. In addition, we will draw the light that reforms.

We need two things: desire and light. On one hand, there are our ten potential forces, and on the other hand comes the light that reforms, which will connect them back into one drop of semen. None of us can become a drop of semen, each of us is only a tenth of the seed from which the soul will develop.

We draw the upper light, which connects us and begins to form a larger and larger spiritual structure called the soul or Partzuf.

Therefore, we must try to unite and from this unity turn to the Creator so that He can send us the light that reforms that will develop us. These are the two areas of our work.

It seems to me that the Creator gives me foreign thoughts that throw me out. But this reveals new forces of egoistic desires inside the ten, which must be added as fuel. Thanks to this, the ten will strengthen, grow fat, and build itself.

However, when we receive this additional fuel, it has not yet been processed correctly, and therefore feels like foreign forces of separation. If in spite of this, we join together, then we swallow this force inside ourselves and expand and grow at the expense of it. This is how waste is turned into food.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/26/20, Writings of Rabash, “What Are Torah and Work in the Way of the Creator?“

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