When The Happiest Period In Your Life Comes

66.03Question: Some scientists have determined the most unhappy age people’s lives. People of different ages were surveyed from 132 countries and found that the happiest period is 18-20 years old.

Then the situation starts to deteriorate. And the worst is 47 to 48 years old. This is an unhappy period in a person’s sensations. This condition lasts up to 60 years and then gradually improves. And at 70, you’re like a child again, so you feel good.

Can you explain these states?

Answer: No. I believe that it all depends on people. If a person behaves normally, works hard, has a family, a job, a goal in life, then I do not think that these are critical years for him.

18-20 years, this is clear: there is a kind of discovery of the world. And then it all depends on the person.

Remark: Here everything is logically clear. By the age of 45, all your hopes are buried more and more. And then you decide: “Well, what to do?!”

My Comment: It depends on what hopes and how to bury them. I do not know what you hoped for, what you wanted to achieve, or why you were disappointed.

Question: If you do not divide the life of an ordinary person into unhappy and happy periods, how should he live, in your opinion?

Answer: Every day is like a lifetime. Start from zero and end with zero. Give everything of yourself for the day! I’ll wake up tomorrow and have a new life.

Question: How can I wake myself up so that I get up and am fully awake until the evening?

Answer: My students oblige me. I feel fear before them. Fear. I have to, I have to do something. I can’t leave them like this. I have to push them, inspire them. I have to turn them on all the time. That’s what really concerns me.

Question: And your thought, what is it for them?

Answer: For them, of course. Not with me. I try not to have any calculations with myself.

Question: In other words, the task is to fully give yourself away?

Answer: The task begins even before the morning lesson starts, when I wake up, even before I start preparing myself for the day, I consider myself dead. Yes, dead. And I don’t need anything from life, except that I have to give it all away now.

Question: So dead means I don’t exist? There is no self-care, and so I go out into the world?

Answer: That is absolutely right!

Question: Is this how I start the day and how I should spend it?

Answer: Sure. And then you have a very correct calculation with yourself, with life, with students. Well then, what happens, this is already in the power of the Creator.

Question: If you take it and transport it to an ordinary person, can they have such an attitude toward their family and children?

Answer: Absolutely the same. He leaves himself, gives himself away. But to the world.

Question: That is, to the family, neighbors, distant ones?

Answer: Yes. That’s how you live, give yourself away. You have no idea how good it is, easy, free, and most importantly, right.

Question: Is this your main advice?

Answer: Yes.

Question: And then there will be no periods of happy, unhappy?

Answer: Nothing!

Remark: I don’t exist.

My Comment: Yes. But you will constantly be in tension whether you give yourself to them.

Question: Is this a good tension? Does it have an element of happiness?

Answer: This is happiness.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 9/7/20

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