The Ten Is The Sum Of All The Properties Of Nature

939.02Question: Any communication is an interaction between people. Therefore, there must be at least two parties: for example, the speaker and the listener. Can we say that the more participants in communication, the greater the potential for high-quality communication?

Answer: Up to a certain level because we cannot imagine more than ten different properties in order to work with them correctly.

Remark: You always say that exactly ten people are the minimum and optimum for communication.

My Comment: Yes. But if you go further, you must broaden and combine your impressions and sensations, your work, and imagine the whole system, the group people in teams of no more than ten people in order to work with every ten as a unit.

Question: It turns out that I deepen my connection with the other nine friends in the ten, making it better, but I do not expand the group in terms of number?

Answer: You cannot or you will lose sight of all the participants. But if you take this ten as a unit and work with it in this way, you can assemble nine more tens.

Question: Then it is not clear why there are so many people?

Answer: So that we can give each of them the opportunity to exercise freewill.

Question: But there are billions of people in the world whom I will either never see at all or will see, perhaps, once in my life. Where is the communication here? Why is this done?

Answer: In order to break down the entire integral nature into certain limited parts, which in their integrality could be presented as unlimited nature. That is, this is the solution to the problem or squaring a circle or solving an integral by using  the unit method.

Although nature is integral, global, it considers itself not by its components but by properties. But in order to transform individual, small forms into properties, a huge number of these forms is needed.

Question: In principle, ten people are enough for me. And if in my entire life I meet several thousand people and never the rest, then should I not worry about it? This is not the goal of nature.

Answer: You can take only a dozen people arbitrarily and find among them absolutely all the laws and properties of nature.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/21/20

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