Why Does A Person Need This Huge World?

laitman_942Question: You say that the Creator is revealed in the ten. Then why does a person need this huge world? The ten would be enough.

Answer: This huge world is a reflection of the desire created by the Creator, which consists of the inanimate, vegetative, animate, and speaking levels. The speaking level is the highest. However, there is an even higher level in it—one that has a point in the heart—it corrects everything and all other levels join it.

Therefore, the desire is so great that eventually one feels all the qualities of the Creator: what is called the four phases of direct Light, His quality of bestowal, and the full power of bestowal.

Question: Does it mean that a person begins his spiritual development when there are nine other people around him, that is, nine biological bodies?

Answer: It is only in this laboratory in uniting with nine other people like him. No more than nine. There can be a little less, but it is preferable to have a ten.

And then the entire world becomes one ten. A lot of tens begin to join them and then they merge with each other, like drops of water.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/11/17

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