A Group Of Ten Is A Whole Spiritual Unit

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We will be conducting work in groups of ten in the upcoming St. Petersburg convention. Should a group of ten be together all the time including mealtime, the friends’ meetings, the workshops, and the lessons?

Answer: I don’t see the point in walking around in groups of ten holding hands.

A group of ten is considered a whole spiritual unit. In Hebrew it is called a Minyan. There is a condition that you cannot pray if you don’t gather in a group of ten. This means that you cannot appeal to the Creator if you are not in a group of ten. Therefore, the groups of ten are essential in all our events.

During the friends’ meetings everyone is present: the men in an inside circle and the women on the outside. We have to constantly emphasize that we are together with all of humanity, with the whole world group.

The groups of ten don’t have to show their excessive individualism. Their main role is to cultivate the intention: We have gathered here in order to merge into one, so that units identical to ours will connect into one huge unit that is equal to the Creator.

A group of ten is what raises you to the next level; it is a derivative. Those who have studied higher mathematics know that the breaking down of a derivative is shattering and death. If a group of ten breaks down, you cannot raise yourself to the next level any more.

Therefore, we should do everything we can so that the groups of ten will remain intact even while performing different duties in the kitchen or any service. This is important.
From the Convention Preparation Webinar, 9/9/14

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