The Secret Of The Ten Tribes, Part 1

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe will not be able to understand the modern global processes if we don’t first understand the state that became the basis, the real reason and the prototype about 4,000 years ago.

Two perceptions of our evolution were formed back in ancient Babylon during a similar crisis of humanity. The king of Babylon Nimrod led the majority along the path of natural evolution while the wise Babylonian priest Abraham called people to ascend to a new qualitative level.

Question: Abraham was a major ideologist and philosopher and a very respectable man, why did he need to start a revolution?

Answer: He looked for a way out and found it in the state that was created in the nation. The circumstances forced them to unite, but people couldn’t live together anymore. On the contrary, the ego grew in them so much that they began to find fault with each other and to hate one another.

Nimrod’s solution was simple and corporeal: “We should simply disperse and live separately, under my leadership, of course.” This is how the residents of a communal apartment disperse in order to stop bickering.

But Abraham had another idea: “We mustn’t disperse because the law of nature is a law, we cannot escape it. The earth will become crowded in the future anyway. We don’t need to invent anything. Nature, evolution requires that we unite. We have to unite above the ego.”

Few, of course, listened to Abraham, several tens of thousands out of three million people. After all, it’s a tough decision and it is much easier to disperse. One way or another, Abraham’s disciples followed him, came out of Egypt and carried the idea of love thy neighbor as thyself, by fulfilling it amongst themselves.

They felt despair at first; they couldn’t live with egoism any longer and wanted to do something with it, get rid of it. This is the reason that they found the goal that Abraham set for them attractive and not the idea of simply living a normal life, not to simply stop cursing and quarreling with one another, but to ascend to something new. It is the ascent to the next level that attracted them because it didn’t require annulment of the ego, but rather using it for the ascent.

Question: What strange people. They didn’t want to live in their own homes, in separate apartments, but preferred the spiritual ascent instead. It turns out that the basis of our nation is these depressed guys that followed Abraham?

Answer: Of course, the depression actually pushed them upwards. They understood the crisis in a totally different way, and they counted on it to help them find a meaning in life, in their existence.

The others examined the crisis practically: “Let’s solve it and carry on with our normal life.”

Eventually people divided very sharply into two groups and their ways were extremely different.
From KabTV’s “Babylon Yesterday and Today” 8/27/14

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