A Circle Is The Form Of Existence Of the Corrected Society

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is required for the practical realization of the method of connection?

Answer: You need to study and  have practical connection exercises, workshops, and roundtables that lead to the unification of the people. We must feel that it is possible to discover the force between us that connects us.

The essence of the method is simple: You need to sit in circles and talk about connection, about the reasons for it, about the goal of the existence of our people, about who we are. The connection raises us above our present state. During a discussion like this, we suddenly discover that within our circle some kind of force, warmth, and shared feeling appears that connects us together.

We suddenly feel that we are close to each other and depend on each other, like in a family and even more. There is some kind of thread inside that connects me with you and you with me. And threads like these are stretched between everyone. The inner network that makes this connection gives us exceptional experiences and a sensation of a new life in which we are connected into a single whole.

This connection raises us to a unique elevated state. We want to remain in that, to protect this spirit that makes it possible for us to rise above this life. All this life acquires a new shape. The wisdom of Kabbalah explains to us how to attain this unity in order to feel, in our power of unification, the higher component that is ready to change everything in our world.

If we try to discover this force of unification between us, then we discover the higher force that is ready to heal all of the unpleasantness and the problems in our individual lives and in society, in the economy, in politics, and to put order in the whole world.

We begin to radiate this force of unification to the whole world and it will change its attitude towards us. This is because all the nations of the world have been specifically waiting for this from the Jewish people. As proof, it is possible to bring a multitude of statements: both those of the Jewish sages and those of the anti-Semites.

It follows that nothing more is needed besides unification. And the wisdom of Kabbalah, which is the wisdom of connection and unification, must help us with this. So it has been revealed in our day.

So come, let’s learn how to attain the unification of the whole society. And in practice this is summed up in work in circles and with the study of essential questions like these: “Who is a man?  What is connection? How do we advance? What is the goal of creation? What is the mission of the people of Israel in relation to the rest of the peoples? What is the reason for anti-Semitism? How does one heal the entire common collective ego and that which is in each one personally, how is all the evil in the world corrected?”

People will learn all of this in those circles; they will clarify together and discover the power of unification that will heal all of the evil. This must become the permanent work of the people of Israel, our international mission, until we reach complete connection.

Every day, even several times per day, as much as possible, a person must participate in a discussion like this in a circle. There are plenty of unemployed people who have free time, and it is possible to arrange discussions of this type in workplaces, in schools, and on television for those who remain at home.

A circle in which people discuss all of their relationships will become the form of existence of the corrected society: In kindergartens, at school, at work, among retirees. All of the people will learn how to carry out their obligations in relation to the rest of the people: to correct, to unite themselves into one people, and to show an example to all of humanity.

Then all of the people will immediately change their attitude towards Israel and towards the Jewish people and we will truly become a “Light to the nations,” a “kingdom of priests and a holy nation.” We will become teachers for the whole world.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 9/2/14

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