The Principle Of A Holistic System

275Question: The fundamental principle of a holistic system is that the properties of the whole are sometimes not reduced to a simple sum of the properties of the parts. A team potentially has its own intelligence. If you take ten people, then united, they get much more power than each of them. What is added with such a connection?

Answer: Their egoism is added with which they previously rejected each other and now they are obliged to attract in order to connect with each other. Therefore, here both positive and negative properties work for a plus. After all, we rise above rejection, we begin to use it for agreement with each other, and therefore, the result is greater.

Question: Let’s say I have two kilograms of selfishness, you have three. We unite, and we have not five kilograms, but more. Why?

Answer: Because, having decided to unite, each of us overcomes his individual egoism. In a simple amount it is five kilograms of egoism, and yet if we overcome our ego, then a much greater amount is yielded, a great overall strength. Thus, we are looking for reserves to rise above ourselves!

In other words, we receive additional energy from above, and huge additional forces are added to our total egoism in order to rise above our five kilograms and unite. So instead of five kilograms, it yields five hundred.

Question: Does such a fusion between us take us to a higher level?

Answer: To a completely different, qualitatively new level!

If people are sensorially united, a special power of community, reciprocity, connection, which did not exist between them before, is manifested in them. Instead of the former separation, they acquire the power of unity. And this new property guides them.

From it they begin to feel a completely different nature, they see that it is integral. And they didn’t know it before. They believed that nature is built on individuality, on egoism. But it turns out that nature is absolutely not selfish.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 9/25/20

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