The Creator Is Not Evil Fate But An Integral System

261Question:  Why is the feeling of evil a denial of the Creator’s control, and not accepting His control as evil? After all, if He rules, then what is the reason that I feel evil?

Answer: It makes no difference how you perceive the Creator. What is important is how you see yourself with regard to the goal.

You can perceive Him in any way you want, either good or evil. He sends you problems, He puts obstacles along your path, He invokes such confusion in your mind and your emotions that you cannot even imagine. All of this comes from the Creator.

But what does it mean that it is from the Creator? It is not someone’s bad luck, and it is not a person sitting above planning and conspiring against you. The Creator is an absolute, integral system in which there is both the initial and the ultimate point of our evolution, and there is the best and shortest way between these two points. If we divert from this path, the system puts us back on track by force.

The main thing is to understand how we can bring ourselves back to the right and shortest distance from our state to the goal of creation so that we will completely be the masters of the whole system, which means that we will be eternal and whole like the system itself.

So, we do not need to ascribe human attributes to the Creator, although this is how we usually speak, because a person can only express himself according to what he knows and is familiar with.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 11/18/18

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