Understanding The Creator’s Rule

laitman_622.01Question: Why is perceiving evil a denial of the Creator’s rule rather than acceptance of His governance as evil? If He rules, what is the reason I feel evil?

Answer: That is not the point. It is not important to the Creator or even to yourself what and how you feel. The main thing is that if you perceive the upper governance as evil, you do not have the right understanding of it. For that you must be in equivalence of form with the upper governance.

Now you are like a little child who is forced to do something by his parents and he thinks that they are evil. How would you advise him to act? You would tell him: “You have to understand that they want what is best for you. If they treat you “well,” it really would be bad for you.”

We need to understand the Creator’s rule. Then we will see the world correctly and reveal why He acts this way. We turn on the TV, open a newspaper, get on the Internet, and get a barrage of news and gossip…

We cannot make sense of it, but all of it is the governance of the Creator. If we could see the whole picture, we would understand how He manages all of humanity and how we can help Him with it, like a child who wants to understand what his parents want from him.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/14/18

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