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If one accepts faith above reason, even without joy, submitting to Malchut, one agrees with this state that this is apparently the Creator’s desire. Hence one does not care about inspiration since he does not care about himself or about benefit
… but only about benefit for the Creator—he is in complete submission.

In the beginning of each degree, one must accept the Creator’s rule anew. By that he fills part of the desire unfilled by the Creator with the Creator’s rule, transfers ego to holiness, and so on—until all egoism is transferred to the Creator’s rule.
Believing that each time, his action is new!

Globalists create fake information, placing the interests of an abstract humanity united by tolerance above the interests of people and nations.
Kabbalists likewise see the future as a united humanity, but as a result of upbringing, united by revelation of the Creator.

If one really wishes to go by faith above reason, he doesn’t wish to see the good governance clearly since “seeing is not believing.” Rather than asking to feel the good governance, he asks for the force of faith, as though seeing the Creator’s good governance with reason …
… so there will be no difference between faith and reason.

One who goes toward faith, bestowal, must understand that he is being treated in a special way from above:
-he is lowered in order to think about the goal, what is wanted of him, and what he wants for the Creator to give him;
-he is raised—when there is no need to care for spirituality, but he wishes to remain in it.
It turns out, descents produce an ascent!

What I think is Me is not me. What I think is the friends—that is the real me. The distorted perception doesn’t let me see that the real me is the ten, in which the Creator dwells. I am given a perception of seeing myself alone—so I could correct it and magnify it 620-fold.

Joy testifies to faith in the Creator’s good governance, despite any state one is in. He’s happy. And the degree of joy testifies to the degree of his faith. He is not in himself, but in the Creator—not in his desire, but in the Creator’s desire—and is therefore always in joy
From Twitter, 2/11/19

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