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The whole multitude of contradictions, incompatible with the Creator’s unity, and separate us from coming closer to Him—after our efforts, relate everything to Him. All the forces of separation and contradictions become, on the contrary, revelation of the attainment of His wisdom and #singularity.

You will soon feel that a descent evokes joy. Because everything depends on one’s attitude to it: as merely to a state or as a means to attain the goal. What’s more important…
A professional is happy about problems: it enables him to express his mastery …
… to create or attain something new.

The Temple isn’t a building, but connection between us. Breakage of the connection is the destruction of the Temple, when instead of connection and love, hatred dwells among us. Hence we feel no connection between us today. This state is called exile (from unity).
Connection depends on us!

“All that exists, good or bad, and even the most harmful things in the world, have a right to exist. No phenomenon may be extinguished or destroyed. Our mission is only to correct it, return it to goodness and similarity to the Creator.” (Baal HaSulam, “Peace in the World”)

“The completion of any quality lies in transforming it into a lofty and important quality. Hence one that eradicates any quality elicits the disappearance from the world of that which must manifest in the future correction, since that quality will never again appear in the world.” (Baal HaSulam, “Freedom of Will”)

The growing ego directs us only toward receiving pleasures. The inability to continuously feel pleasure is the reason for the disease of the 21st century—#depression. It arises from an infantile view of life where one strives to turn one’s hobby into one’s occupation.

If one has decided to replace one’s goal in life, instead of reward for oneself for the effort to give pleasure to the Creator, give up the reward since this aim is against his nature; one needs the Creator’s help, faith in the Creator, i.e., revelation of the Creator’s greatness—to that extent one can perform bestowal to the Creator.

The time of the #EU’s formation has passed; it’s time to grow up, meaning that each EU country must rise above its contradictions with other countries, in order to strengthen the common union. #Europe
This is where the EU’s ignorance regarding how to build an alliance OVER the contradictions manifests. But they must! Otherwise, the EU will disintegrate.

Descent is the revelation of greater precision in our unity, where I am not yet bonded with the group and must now connect.

All states, from enormous fulfillment to total emptiness, must be used to justify the Creator, to respect and thank Him for the opportunity to ascertain our attitude to Him in various states, independently of what we receive from Him.

Man’s mission in this world is to succeed in annulling himself to the Creator, as if there’s no “I,” egoism. One then attains the degree of Bina and can reveal one’s egoism, but already transforming it to “for the Creator’s sake.”
Therefore always envision yourself in front of the Creator and aim all your thoughts “for His sake.”

The most essential is a sense of the importance of the goal, the Greatness one serves. Otherwise, there is no strength to serve the Creator. Ask to get to know the greatness of the Creator, to realize the joy of serving the King.
In the degree of the Creator’s importance is the pleasure to serve Him, causing one to desire to work, to merit more strength, feeling that one is serving the King.

In the degree of the sensation of evil, the Creator conceals Himself—and this is the greatest punishment! A person’s perception of good or evil in the Creator’s governance determines whether he feels rewarded or punished.
The one who makes effort to trust the Creator while feeling unkind management is rewarded. The one who doesn’t is punished by His concealment.

All souls come from one common soul of Adam, which, due to egoism’s revelation in it, disintegrated into separate parts that reject each other. The light filling it, of upper attainment and the Creator, divided into parts that give each part a sensation of just our world.

We have just one council: to try and attain the Creator’s greatness, so the only reward for our efforts will be feeling the Creator’s greatness, concealed from us by the ego. We ask the Creator to remove the concealment in order to feel His greatness …
… for the studies to give us the sensation of His greatness and importance.

Ascent is a state where I can justify everything happening to me, justify the group and friends who help me realize my freedom of will, to attain the goal. From this state I can build myself, my attitude to the Creator, who becomes revealed within that state.

To have energy to work for the sake of bestowal without reward, and for the work itself to be the reward, one must have faith in the Creator—which means having faith in His greatness. When the Creator’s greatness is felt, one is ready to work without any reward.
The work itself is the reward.

If there’s an intention to bestow to the Creator, then wishing to add to the work, one must add to the Creator’s greatness, for in the degree of the Creator’s greatness one can cancel himself and perform bestowal actions.
Therefore, always strive to enhance the greatness of the Creator. It will oblige you to work for Him and give you pleasure from the work.

#Trump intuitively feels the voters’ mood, he is persistent and steadfast and has no regard for Washington’s conventions—he is like a tsunami. Likewise in the #EU, the populists will shake up the liberal order.
Trump’s main result: #liberal #globalism has ceased to be the dominant political doctrine.
@realDonaldTrump #politics #europe
From Twitter, 2/7/19

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