My Thoughts On Twitter 2/6/19

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In the spiritual root everything exists in complete unity, with no division or discord. We must rise above the discord to the original root, to the world of unity, preserving the discord, and thus reveal the Creator.
Hatred elicits strife, whereas love covers all sins (Parables 10:12).

“Man — of all ages and cultures — is confronted with the solution of one and the same question: the question of how to overcome separateness, how to achieve union, how to transcend one’s own individual life and find at-onement”
(Erich Fromm, The Art of Loving).

Attaining the right conclusions depends on arguments and differences of opinion. The more contradictions and the stronger the criticism, the more knowledge there is and the greater is the opportunity to resolve problems.
But on the condition that it pursues one goal, common to all (above egoism)—the good of society!

The basis of existence is unity, inclusion of all differences into the source of unity. The main part depends on man, the basis of creation. Hence “Love your neighbor as yourself” is the law of unity of the world, life, existence, and correction of the whole universe (Blessings 4).
From Twitter, 2/6/19

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