Humanity Is A Single System

255Question: The terms “equality,” “unity,” and “freedom” have been known to us since the French Revolution. Both before and after it, people fought for these principles.

We see that humanity is included in a single system of economic, social, political, and cultural relationships, which are called globalization. But this is only an external unity.

You are always talking about sensory unity on the level of thought and desire. Could you describe how you see the connection of humanity at this level?

Answer: This is a matter of the distant future. Humanity does not ask such a question at all; it is not ready for it and is not able to do anything. The problem is not to force humanity into a state of connection, but to make it wish for it, and its desire would predetermine sensory unity, even to the point of a prayer to come to it. And today’s humanity is still very far from this.

Question: And yet, what should we come to? In all the sources it is written that humanity must become one. What should this final state be?

Answer: Humanity should present a single structure. There are absolutely different people, different interests, and different movements. Each has its own point from which it was born and developed. But we understand that we all have a common goal to create a structure that would be in an internal state of spiritual and worldly balance.

Everyone moves toward the same goal and supports each other. Mutual support in particular is the most important thing in the new society that must rise up after all the difficult periods that we are going through.

Our goal is very simple: to create a single system of humanity in which opposites would find each other for mutual support and form one common harmonious whole. When two opposites connect to achieve a common goal outside of themselves, then they exist in harmony.

We need to realize that with our qualities, we can’t do this right now. But we still have to come to this. Therefore, first of all, we must feel the need for unity, and then the impossibility of achieving it on our own.

Question: Can we say that we were originally designed as a single organism?

Answer: That’s exactly how it was. This is called the system of Adam before the shattering. That is, we already were in this state. We are all the souls, all our internal information records, the so-called Reshimot.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 9/11/20

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