The Smallest Unit Of Society Is The Ten

165Question: In order for communication to exist, rules for receiving and transmitting, encoding and decoding information are necessary. What are these rules, i.e., laws of giving and receiving? Can one learn this?

Answer: Yes, people must be educated in this. Communication skills are essential. We see how their absence leads us to misunderstanding each other, to seclusion. Communication is practically everything.

The fact is that all of us, originally created as egoists, believe that we can live with our egoism in peace and have no need for anyone at all. And if we do need someone, it is only someone I can tolerate and use to some extent. But this is absolutely wrong. It is necessary to explain to people that the smallest unit of society is not the family but ten people. The family is a beastly unit. And a social unit is ten people who are close to you in spirit, who have one common goal in life, and they embody it. In this circumstance, a person can develop to absolutely infinite states.

Question: Can this ten change over the course of a lifetime?

Answer: Yes.

Question: So, by ten, you mean an internal term and not a number of people: ten people?

Answer: Ten people is also a physical quantity that contains ten different combinations of individual desires. In Kabbalah, they are called points in the heart.
From Kab TV’s “Communication Skills” 5/11/20

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