According To The Wishes Of The Public

265Question: All marketers advise lecturers to study the audience first before speaking. Do you agree with this?

Answer: But I am not going to satisfy their desires. It does not interest me at all. I have to teach them what I think is necessary and what should interest them.

My classes consist of two parts, which should be done simultaneously. This is the initiation of the desire to know what I want to give them, and the absorption of this knowledge by the students.

Question: Let’s say you were invited to an audience of several hundred people who want to hear about reincarnation, and this is a very difficult topic for newbies. Would you still say what you think is necessary?

Answer: If this topic was ordered in advance, and they discussed it with me, then perhaps I would agree, proceeding from the fact that I really want to get to this audience but they would not agree on another topic.

Taking into account their desire, I would tell them about life cycles, but only in a certain way: why nature needs them, why nature acts with us this way, how we can change them, how the current incarnation can be used to change the whole purpose of life cycles, etc. I will turn it around anyway so that they are interested and want to study.

Question: Would you advise your students to study the needs of the audience before starting a lecture?

Answer: No. The only thing is that we can make our topics fit with what the listeners are doing, for example, zoology, biology, astronomy, etc.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/14/20

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