Information Is A Message

254.02Question: Any speech addressed to several listeners can be considered a public speech. It can be informative, entertaining, or promotional. Which of these can your daily lessons be related to? You do not just transmit information like at a university.

Answer: On one hand, my lessons are public performances because representatives of all nations, professions, and strata of different countries from all continents connect to them.

On the other hand, these are lectures because during a lesson we perform analysis of material with questions and answers. Usually, the lecture is held on a specific topic, which is divided into several small topics of interest to Kabbalah students.

Any information passes through a person’s desires and thus forms and changes him. My task is precisely for a person, by working on himself, to begin to change.

Question: But are you interested in him knowing the subject?

Answer: Sure. This is the most important thing. I teach not for gaining huge knowledge but quality of perception. The result depends on the person. And I must give everything I can in the form closest to correct perception.

Question: Does it make a difference whether one is listening to your lectures live or recorded?

Answer: It all depends on the perceiver. When reading books or watching recorded movies we can cry, laugh, worry. They affect us perhaps even more than scenes from real life.

Question: Indeed, a book was written a few hundred years ago and now a person reads, experiences it, and even cries. Is there some kind of energy in the book?

Answer: It is information, it is energy, it is a message!

Question: But when this happens online, does nothing really change? Let’s say we are talking now and someone will listen to our conversation in a week. Does it have the same effect?

Answer: It doesn’t matter. This information is in the air, and those who connect to it perceive it as if we are talking to them today.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/14/20

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