What Will Protect Our Children?

632.3Question: Today, children are not in any hurry to leave their parents’ home. They are not in a hurry to get married. Times are difficult, and there is no work. In Europe, this is often the case. You live with your parents, and they provide everything for you.

Is there such a rule about when a child should leave home?

Answer: I think that for males it is from the age of 13, 14 at the maximum. They should leave home, live in dormitories, and learn to live under serious supervision. Then they will be fine.

Question: What does it mean to learn to live? What does it mean to teach them to live from the age of 13 or 14?

Answer: It means to treat each other correctly, in mutual assistance! To treat life correctly, to know what we want from it.

Each should realize themselves in your their way! I must have a task in which I realize myself. It may not be the same as for my friends who are sitting next to me. Everyone has their own dream. This dream is in front of me, and I attain it. They help me realize it.

We are taught. We are taught science, we are taught to dance, we are taught how to flirt, and we are taught everything in the correct way. Everything that a person has is only in the correct form. Then we would see a different society.

Question: Why specifically dancing and flirting?

Answer: Because this is really the pinnacle of the relationship between the sexes, when I express my inner feelings in my movement. We do not teach expressing our feelings. Here we do it through motion. This is very difficult, deep philosophy. Ballet, stage play is all philosophy.

Question: Is there, in fact, as if some kind of conversation occurs when you dance with a partner?

Answer: Yes, of course.

Question: Are you not disturbed by this closeness of the partners?

Answer: No. This is how they talk to each other. This is not intimacy, but the transfer of energy, sensations, tenderness of a different kind, not a physiological one.

Question: Do you mean that when there is this kind of education, people will not be violent?

Answer: They will not be violent, no way. They will respect women.

Question: Will there be a sense of the other, without words?

Answer: Yes. They will have a sense of support.

Question: It is a big deal. Perhaps we should indeed introduce dancing at schools?

Answer: Dancing is about support, when a man supports a woman and gives her the opportunity to express herself. In general, this is so. Look how it is in ballet or dancing in general. In dancing, this already been erased a little, but in general this is exactly so.

Remark: You know, there was an interview with the ballerina Plisetskaya shortly before her death. She was asked, “What is your biggest dream? What would you most like?” She said, “I want Shchedrin [her husband] to be healthy.”

Can you imagine? That is, there was already such a connection, and they both gave each other so much. Indeed, it was as if a dance was happening between them. She understood what a partner is.

My Comment: Ballet is a very deep philosophy expressed in movements. This is everything that a person can express. Contact of the hearts through the motions of the body.

Question: Is it desirable for a boy to leave home for an independent life at the age of 13 or 14?

Answer: A  life that we provide for him!

Question: Does it mean that he is under care?

Answer: All the time.

Question: Is he directed to connection with others, to the understanding of others?

Answer: Until his very last moment in life. Society continuously accompanies everyone! This is called “the absolute mutual guarantee.”

Question: Does society provide a guarantee for him?

Answer: Of course. And he undertakes to obey society.

Question: Then there will be no abandoned, lonely people that we see here and there?

Answer: There will be nothing like that! People will be aware to such an extent in what environment they exist! It will be a different world.

Question: What about a woman, a girl, when should she leave home?

Answer: What can be more secure, pleasant, safe, and confident for her than the feeling of such a society that thinks about who she will marry, how she will treat her children, home, family, her raising children, and so on? The whole society must think together with her.

It will be a common umbrella that will cover us and serve us all until the mutual guarantee covers us all with such a common blanket. All of humanity! Then we will become one single desire in which one great upper force is revealed. That’s all.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 8/31/20

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