An Optimal Outcome Of Human Development

559Question: The world has become interconnected and strives for standardization and unified models. But people stay in their shells, habits, traditions, and thoughts, and care for themselves. Therefore, when we try to talk about global challenges of the world, people simply do not hear us. Their attitude is: “Tell me what needs to be done specifically. If it is not hard, I will do it.” What is the reason for this phenomenon?

Answer: It is because our egoism is constantly growing. It does not allow us to improve ourselves. This will continue until we recognize the evil of our egoistic nature and become convinced that this is the only thing we need to change.

Question: We constantly talk about unification. Is there a danger that due to extremism, unity may turn into racism, chauvinism, fundamentalism, or religious fanaticism?

Answer: Everything is possible. A person must scrutinize all his qualities in their positive and negative variations and choose the most optimal ones. The optimal thing that we will reach as a result of our development is “love your neighbor as yourself.”

Question: Can we say that the balance between giving and receiving is the basis for correct communication?

Answer: No. I cannot make that equation and monitor how much I give or how much I receive. On the contrary, it resembles the Sodomite rule: “What is mine is mine, and what is yours is yours.” Proper communication is when I feel what the other person lacks and provide it for him. That is, I get what I need and give away everything else.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/21/20

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