My Thoughts On Twitter 11/18/20

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We see how in nature one eats another—this is because we treat each other egoistically. With our ego, we influence all other degrees of nature—the still, vegetative and animate. When we correct the ego-desire, the wolf will dwell in peace with the lamb, no one will attack anyone else.

Unity is a sure remedy against the virus. It is a salutary means against all problems since we then become similar to the common, global, integral nature. By uniting in this way, we connect more to the general force of nature, which will properly arrange all systems of our life.

The more an athlete trains, the stronger he becomes, strengthening the ego. He is always pleased with his achievements. A Kabbalist strives to weaken the ego through the studies, in order to rise above it. For egoism, the state seems unfortunate, but for a Kabbalist this is a desirable state.

A Kabbalist looks at his animate body as a researcher. In the animate, the force of reception, egoism, is revealed, but a Kabbalist wants the force of bestowal to be revealed in him. He feels himself as a completely neutral researcher, not belonging to reception nor to bestowal.

A Kabbalist rejoices at the bad just as the good. However, this does not mean he’s a masochist because a Kabbalist does not attribute suffering to himself, but only to egoism, which was created by the Creator. He perceives egoism not as his own will to enjoy, but as a force that comes from the Creator.

I am always rising and falling: MAN – MAD. That is how each one works in the group, all ten of our cylinders. By absorbing the friends’ desire, I want to bring them closer to the Creator. From Him I receive forces, fillings, revelations, and pass this to the friends. I am a conveyor belt in both directions.

On the first roll of the piston, I drown in the ten and draw the friends’ desires from there. On the second roll I raise these desires to the Creator. This ascent is MAN, I ask for everyone, and receive a force from above. With this force I descend down and pass it on to the friends—receive a new desire from them and raise MAN.

Every person should be the smallest one in the ten, and the greatest one. If everyone in the ten works this way, we will get an engine with ten cylinders—just imagine how powerful that is! All the pistons pump up our common volume, until we overfill the measure and the Creator is revealed inside.
From Twitter, 11/18/20

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