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The more a person’s mind and reason grows, the higher he rises to act in faith above reason anew, becomes smarter in the corporeal world as well, and advances further in the spiritual world. He is always growing: in reason and then above reason.

I have nothing besides my desire. All my life I followed rational logic, and suddenly I’ll go against it? The wisdom of Kabbalah does not urge us to advance without the mind and reason, but teaches us to rise above them. The mind and reason remain—we do not rule them out, but we rise above them and do the opposite.

Rejection from spirituality, hatred for others and for the Creator, must be felt and cognized. The connection between corporeality and spirituality happens by being rejected from spirituality, overcoming the rejection, and connecting to the Creator. This is the rope that we cling to that connects this world and the spiritual world.

The more questions, intentions, and thoughts we discover inside of us that resist spirituality and degrade the spiritual work, the thicker and stronger the wick of our candle becomes through them. We overcome the resistance—and the wick absorbs more oil. Light comes from above and lights our candle.

Our world is the foundation, created by the Creator, from which we must rise each time. This world is a repository of all the broken vessels. We fall to this world to be infused with a lower, broken desire, and we rise to correct and fill it. “Rising and falling” is the spiritual path.

To come closer to the Creator and feel Him, I need the quality of bestowal. The Creator created one man, one soul, and broke it into many parts, so these pixels will connect with each other on their own. When they reconnect back into one man, we feel the Creator more.

We never annul our reason and advance beneath it, as this is done in religions, but we always advance in faith above reason. The faith above reason that we receive turns into reason, and we must once again go above it—that is how we ascend the spiritual degrees.

Man must extract out of his desire the intention for himself. The Creator purposefully placed in our desire an egoistic intention,

I want to acquire the desire for the spiritual, the desire to attain the Creator and cling to Him, the need for bestowal. Before me lies “plain earth” that I want to transform into a spiritual field. I want to dig up the egoistic desire and reveal the emptiness in it so that out of this earth I could reach heaven, the spiritual world.

Work with the will to enjoy happens in two stages.
1. I battle my will to enjoy, overcoming it and performing actions of bestowal.
2. I fight for the desire for spirituality because it disappears.
I become like a dead person toward spirituality, not wishing to ask for or to receive help.
From Twitter, 11/24/20

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